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You've got the templates to build your funnel BUT now you need to ensure you attract the right types of affiliates...let me make it easy for you...

Congratulations once again for taking action and getting a the Easy Launch Funnel OP Funnel Templates.

Before you access the member’s area I’d like to save you a great deal of time, effort, money and headaches. Just as it's super important to have your funnel designed in a way that converts, you must also build a JV affiliate attraction page, an affiliate tools page an affiliate link page NOT to mention you need to make sure that what you're saying to attract those affiliates is compelling enough to make them consider promoting your offer...

Unless you’re a web design whizzkid, a powerhouse copywriter or you have an endless pockets crafting compelling affiliate and JV attraction pages and sales scripts whether they're for your JV invite video, for emails, or for posting in the groups/forums  can be crippling hard, time consuming and can often times turn out to be a fruitless exercise if you don’t get the results you’d hoped.

Now in saying that because I've got you covered… Let me fast track you. And better yet, let me give you the templates, scripts and webpages you need to attract affiliates...

I want to give you the THE EXACT OPTIMIZEPRESS FUNNEL TEMPLATES, VIDEO SCRIPTS, EMAILS AND FB GROUPS SCRIPTS  I used to attract hundreds of eager to promote affiliates …PLUS get instant access to some incredible bonuses that are needed but often times overlooked

Like I said, I WANT you to succeed so I want to give my proven fill in the blank Optimizepress ready templates so you can model what works and get your launch going so you can attract affiliates to promote it!

Here's The Exact JV Attraction Templates and Scripts I'm Giving You to Use As Your Own...

  • Must Have JV Template 1: JV Attraction Page This template is designed to position you and your amazing product as a MUST PROMOTE
  • Must Have Template 2:JV Tools Page You need to make things easy for your affiliates, this JV tools page enables you to provide your affiliates with swipes, banners, emails etc.
  • Must Have Template 3: Affiliate links page Provide your potential affiliates with an easy way to get their affiliate link
  • Must Have Script 1: Fill in the blanks JV Video Script These days, having a video on your JV page is a must, most times the videos are terrible but with this proven script, you'll be calm, collected and give your affiliates all the info they need to decide whether or not they'll promote your offer...
  • Must Have Script 2: Fill in the blanks JV FB Group Script Post in FB groups with ease and give your affiliates all the info they need to decide whether or not they'll promote your offer...
  • Must Have Script 3: Fill in the blanks Private Message Script Approaching affiliates you don't have a prior relationship is tricky, the worst thing you can do is come across pushy, with this script you'll do it the way it should be done, with their interests at heart...

Check out the amazing, plug and play FILL IN THE BLANKS Optimizepress templates you'll have instant access to (full resolution blurred for copyright reasons)

JV Page Template

JV Tools Page

JV Affiliate Link Page

All you have to do is upload these into your site, add your copy for your own product and hey presto - DONE FOR YOU proven to convert templates!

Combine these with the proven word for word scripts I'm going to give you, and you'll have a winning formula for recruiting affiliates to promote your amazing product!

PLUS! I'm Including THREE Extra Bonuses For All Action Takers Today!

Bonus One: The Often Forgotten But Absolutely Necessary "Extra" Legal Pages - $197

When launching your product you can often times forget that you need iron clad legal pages of all sorts:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • DMCA
  • Anti Spam Policy
  • Returns Policy
  • Disclaimer

Don't worry because as an added bonus today, I'm giving you FILL IN THE BLANKS templates for these too. Just upload the pages to your site, fill in the blanks and hey presto, your site is fully legal and has all the REQUIRED pages. Peace of mind knowing that your ads won't be shut off due to silly little things, that you forgot.

Bonus Two: Done For You JV Launch Week Email Campaigns - $197 Value

Keeping you affiliates up to date during your launch is imperative. Now you won't have to wonder what to say, just take these done for you, fill in the blanks launch templates and you can plug them into your own launch week to keep your affiliates up to date on everything in your launch.

I'm even including a really extra special "Thank You" JV post template that you can use for when your launch is over. This will cement you in the eyes of your JV partners and ensure they won't forget you...

Bonus Three: The Easy Launch Funnel Copywriters Guidebook - $47 Value


This copywriting guidebook will introduce you to proven, systematic strategies for writing copy that warrants a response.

A short but powerful guide on writing copy but one you'll surely revisit again and again!

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